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CRADL – A Case With Unprecedented Screen Access


Protecting your smartphone and making it look even better are the two most important things when it comes to phone cases. Luckily, cradl is there to provide both. This super slim and lightweight case features innovative materials and technology that will absorb and disperse shock when you drop it. Another important feature is the side-to-side swipe screen access that will …

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Bellroy Laptop Sleeve


After making super cool wallets, Bellroy decided to expand their product line and include laptop sleeves as well. Similar like the wallets, the Bellroy Laptop Sleeve is made with high-quality materials and great craftsmanship, along with the easy to use design. Since we all care about our laptops, protection is key when speaking of its transportation. Bellroy …

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iPad Leather Folio


Keeping your devices protected is very important and it’s even better if you find a stylish solution. inSidegift is a small company from Russia that creates handmade leather accessories. Among their different collections, there’s one that features classy iPad Leather Folios. The iPad Leather Folio collection includes 12 different iPad and document organizers. They are different in size, style …

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Lunatik Epik H2O | A Waterproof Polycarbonate Apple Watch Case


With the invention of smartphone watches, we were presented with a new and spectacular way to interact with our smartphones. Now messages, calls, notifications, emails and other relative information is no further away than your wrist. However, they faced a major problem; they are susceptible to both water and hard knocks. Fortunately, the Lunatik Epik …

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