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Patriot Campers Super Tourer


If you were looking for the ultimate vehicle to handle any and all off-road trails, then you are going to need a beast. Well, when it comes to beastly vehicles, the Patriot Campers Super Tourer is definitely the monstrosity that you need. Apart from being exceptionally rugged, it has that definite style of badassery that …

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Can-Am Maverick X3 | The Ultimate Off-Road Machine


As far as cars go, you’re either a track lover or and off-road lover. Well, if you’re an off-road lover, then you’re in luck because the latest release by Can-Am, the Can-Am Maverick X3, truly is an amazing off-road machine. Be it dirt, sand, mud, rocks or mountains, the Maverick X3 was built to handle …

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Ripchair 3.0 | The Ultimate Off-Road Wheelchair

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Many people in the world today are challenged by mobility and, in many instances, this excluded them from partaking in many activities. However, thanks the great minds at Howe and Howe Technologies, this is no longer the case since they have just created the ultimate off-road wheelchair, the Ripchair 3.0! With a wide range of …

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Sherp ATV | Latest Russian ATV


If you want to conquer some of the roughest terrains, such as the ones in Siberia for example, you’re going to need a mighty all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in order to do so. The latest ATV by Sherp will definitely be able to overcome every possible obstacle on its way. This vehicle is packed with a …

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There are all-terrain vehicles, and there are all-terrain vehicles that literally leave you speechless. The vehicle that we are showing you today is a mixture of an ATV, a tank and an amphibious machine and it will conquer just about any terrain on this planet. The Argo is the ultimate in mobility and sturdiness and …

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If you ever got stuck in the middle of a snow blizzard, swamp or huge mud pool, you know that all the horsepower packed inside your beloved four-wheeler is not enough to get you out and deliver you safely back to civilization. But despair not – there’s a new vehicle on the global market that …

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