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The Barisieur | An Alarm Clock That Makes You Coffee


We all know what a pain it can be to get up in the morning but there are those mornings where we wake up to smell of freshly brewed coffee and suddenly the world seems a better place. We all need our caffeine fix and luckily, The Barisieur allows you to wake up to the …

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Ruggie Alarm Clock


You know that feeling in the morning when you hear your alarm clock and think to yourself- just a few more minutes. The snooze button is there and before you know it, you overslept again. Ruggie is an alarm clock that will not only wake you up but will also get you out of bed. This …

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Often yours truly thinks that alarm clocks are explicitly designed to make you as miserable as possible in the morning. There is nothing natural or soothing about alarm clocks and the way they spur you out of the bed. This, however, cannot be said for the Philips Wake-up Light alarm clock which uses an innovative light …

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