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Devtac Designs | Ballistic And Airsoft Tactical Warfare Masks

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If there is one body part that needs definite protection, in warfare or airsoft, it’s your head. Thankfully, the guys at Devtac Designs know this and produced three one-of-a-kind tactical masks. Not to mention that they look awesome. The three masks that Devtac created are the Ronin Ballistic, Ronin Airsoft and Menpo Airsoft. All three …

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Airsoft Gear 101 – Everything That You Need To Start Playing Airsoft

Many of us remember the rush that paintball brought on; you could almost taste it on your tongue and could feel your adrenal glands being squeezed and then there was the glorious pain of getting shot. It was exhilarating! However, as time progressed, we hung up our paintball guns and, slowly but surely, the sport …

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