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Lilium | World’s First Electric Jet

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Since the invention of flight, beginning with the Wright Brothers in the early 1900’s, man has been fascinated by it. First deemed an impossibility, and now, it is not only possible, but we are figuring out new and create ways to soar as the birds. Human flight, truly is, a miracle. As far as miraculous …

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Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie Private Aircraft


Looking like something from a James Bond movie, this super light, this masterpiece of a plane will change how we look at private planes. The new Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie aircraft has been launched and it’s as awesome as ever. If you fell in love with it at first sight, like we did, here is something to make …

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Whether you like or cannot stand the guy, you have to admit that everything Bear Grylls does is bound to attract attention. We are presenting you his latest endeavour – Bear Grylls Paramotor. You might me scratching your heads in trying to figure out what Paramotor really is, so allow us to explain – this …

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