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Wynd Personal Air Purifier


Previously featured on Kickstarter, a Personal Air Purifier called Wynd. What Wynd does is it monitors and cleans the air in areas you put it in. Probably the first thing to notice is how small it is. It looks just like a small fan that’s the size of a water bottle. This helps it being …

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If the security of your home takes precedent above all else, then you will be glad to know that security systems nowadays come in compact and affordable forms. One such security system is the Canary, an all-in-one home security device. Canary absorbs and analyzes everything that goes on in your house and keeps you informed, …

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Regular exercise and a healthy diet are key to a good and healthy lifestyle, but sometimes things that are hard to pay attention to can affect our overall health in a negative way. For instance the quality of air in your home or workspace. In order to obtain the necessary information about air quality in places you …

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