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5 Working Desks You Should Consider Buying

Just recently we wrote about essential office gear and included a working desk that let’s face it, is truly a crucial part of an office. Today, our focus is entirely on desks and you’ll see five of them. We made it diverse (standing desk, sitting desk, smaller and bigger ones) so you can find the …

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The Edge Desk | Ergonomic And Foldable Workstation


When working, it’s important to sit comfortably and have enough space around you to place all the stuff you need by your hand. These were all the reasons why The Edge Desk was created. It’s designed to make you more productive and it’s currently funded on Kickstarter. The first thing we should mention is that it’s …

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Everybody experiences trouble with arranging furniture in their living or work place at some point in time. This happens more often to people whose living and work place is somewhat limited and enjoy having friends over. It is because of this reason that many talented designers are coming up with various ways to tackle this …

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In the business-driven world we live in, sitting has become the commonplace norm: we sit at work, in the cinema, in a pub, in the park, at a library, at home; gosh, we even sit when we’re supposed to be moving along the line from point A to point B, commuting daily by trains, buses, …

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