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Drones For Photography: Introductory Guide

Let’s zone in on drones and take you on an in depth look at drones for photography. Originally developed for reconnaissance processes, drones were almost exclusively for military use and hidden from civilian eyes. As the costs on drones decreased, they became more accessible for civilian production and affordable drones became available for hobby use …

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GoPro Hero5 Black and Session | Waterproof Cameras With GPS


Since 2014, with the release of the Hero4, we have awaited the latest release of GoPro’s flagship camera and it’s finally here. The GoPro Hero5, and its smaller brother, the Hero5 Session, was announced yesterday! Needless to say, we have waited quite a while for this release but it has been so worth it! Simply …

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Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 | A Super Advanced Sports Action Camera


Garmin has brought out some amazing technology lately, and the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera, is no exception. It looks much like a GoPro and functions much like one, but that’s where the similarities end. To be honest, the VIRB Ultra 30, is definitely the most advanced action camera that we have ever seen …

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YI 4K Action Camera | With Selfie Stick And Bluetooth Remote


Be it that you do some form of action sport or that you simply like photography and videography, a decent action camera with the highest possible resolution is a must! The higher the resolution, the more awesome your videos will be and that is exactly what the YI 4K Action Camera has to offer. With …

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Olympus Tough TG-Tracker | A 4K Action Camera


Extreme sports, and even just adventuring, is becoming all the more prominent. With the GoPro we realized that we could record our awesomeness but there was always still the problem that you need a case for it. Well, Olympus has the answer with their newly released Tough TG-Tracker. Even though the name implies it, we’ll …

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Olympus TG-870 Tough Waterproof Digital Camera


If you’re one of those people that are always on the go and want to document your outdoor adventures, then having a durable camera is a must have. Olympus TG-870 Tough Waterproof Digital Camera is made specifically for that purpose, it’s compact and has a bunch of useful features. We should start by mentioning how …

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Ricoh WG-M2 | 4K-Shooting Action Camera


In the world of technology, Ricoh is a company that has established its position at the very top of the ladder. They are well known for making high-quality products such as printers, watches, spherical cameras as well as regular digital cameras. Now, they have created WG-M2 which is a 4K-shooting action camera that is completely …

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Telesin GoPro Underwater Dome Port


Telesin GoPro Underwater Dome Port is a great option for capturing photos under and over the water. It’s especially good for making 50/50 photos. To make these very unique photographs you place the half of it underwater and half out of the water, with the water line right in the middle. The Dome Port is completely …

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Nikon Keymission Action Cam Shoot 3


Action cameras are getting more popular and better each day and we recently talked about Luna 360º Camera as one of the best examples of 360º action cameras out there. But now, there’s a new player in town and his name is Nikon. Of course, Nikon is not exactly new, but when it comes to …

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