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When you mention Mexican cuisine, most people’s first thoughts are the delicious tacos. Well, Deborah Holtz has decided to give this food the attention it deserves in her book called the Tacopedia. This book is a mutual effort of Holtz and Juan Carlos Mena. This encyclopedia about tacos is a sort of a tribute to the Mexican culinary tradition that contains 100 recipes, as well as interviews, photos, illustrations, graphics and maps. This isn’t just a recipe book but a book that will reveal the full story and the culture behind each recipe.

Tacopedia features a rich graphic style that is sure to satisfy all the hip taco lovers, serious followers of the great Mexican culinary tradition, as well as food truck enthusiasts. The book includes everything one would ever need to know about tacos, starting from the history of the tortilla to recipes for different fillings and diagrams on how to make the perfect taco. This book also features a foreword by the chef René Redzepi describing his own path to discovering original Mexican tacos.

Tacopedia, adapted English version and original Mexican edition, on a wooden surface.

Tacopedia is the ultimate guide to the taco tradition and it contains 100 recipes and 250 photos and illustrations

Besides recipes, you’ll also find 250 photographs that bring the vibrancy of the taco and its homeland to life. The recipes you’ll find in the book are authentic and adapted from the Mexican best-seller. You’ll learn all about the amazing fillings, tortillas, salsas and sauces and what combos work the best with each other. Tacopedia is the ultimate reference on taco culture as it brings you various traditions nurtured by different regions in the homeland of taco.

An illustration from the Tacopedia.

Tacopedia is very rich and colorful and it contain maps, graphs, photos and illustrations, covering every Mexican region and its taco tradition

As described by the website eater.com, Tacopedia is “The obsessive, comprehensive guide to Mexico’s taco culture… vibrantly designed.” The book has 320 pages, the format is Flexi-bound, and there are 250 color illustrations inside. The dimensions are 9.75’’x7.5’’. The book also contains restaurant recommendations, as well as an illustrated guide on how to eat a taco. It really is the ultimate guide to tacos.

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Tacopedia book, open, on a wooden table, two pages with text, illustrations and photos.

The Tacopedia is enriched with a foreword by chef René Redzepi, and it even contains a guide on how to eat a taco

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