Tablet Shoulder Holster | By Carter

From $87.50

If you need to carry your tablet to work or just like to have it around wherever you go, you know how inconvenient it can become dragging it around in bags. Since it’s bigger than a cell phone and can’t fit into your pocket, and it’s kind of too small and annoying to carry it in a bag, we need a more convenient solution. And now it’s here: the Carter Shoulder Holster. This smart solution’s as elegant as it is practical.

There are many advantages to the Carter Shoulder Holster compared to other options. First of all, your 8-inch tablet will be safely packed in the holster made from vegetable tanned leather. The holster’s enforced with hard padding so it absorbs shock and protects your electronics. Also, you can choose a more resistant and durable black and grey leather option. The holster’s integrated with elastic clip-on suspenders that come in two sizes, medium and large, so it can be used by almost anyone.

Carter Shoulder Holster for tablet, open, with straps, on a white background.

Pack your 8-inch tablet safely into this tanned leather holster.

The holster puts the tablet along the left side of your body, but this won’t cause any inconvenience or imbalance. The flexible braces are adjustable so you can customize the length for a perfect fit according to your body size and shape. The tensed straps ensure good weight distribution around your shoulders so the perfect balance is maintained. The closure on the Carter Shoulder Holster is also a bit different and more convenient as it consists of a rigid magnetic flap on the inner side.

A man in a suit carrying a Carter Shoulder Holster and pulling a white tablet out of it.

This shoulder holster’s a smart solution to carry your gadgets in James Bond style.

This inner lid design makes the holster theft proof and gives you much more security than any other shoulder bag or backpack. It’s very convenient for travelers and commuters. You may think that the straps and the holster would be uncomfortable, but the truth is, the design and the perfect fit of the Carter Shoulder Holster are very comfortable and give you the unlimited freedom to move. In addition to all of this, the item’s handmade so each one’s slightly different than the other and unique. Get yours and carry your tablet around in James Bond style.

Carter Shoulder Holster, black, with a tablet, on a white background.

The Carter Shoulder Holster’s available in tanned and black and grey leather.

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