Mobile phones are everywhere you turn. They have evolved along with us at an unprecedented rate. Just think back to the early 90s when our first mobile phones looked like a brick and were just as heavy. Now they are becoming smaller, more powerful and far more rewarding but there is always space for improvement. In recent days we have become aware of mobile phone radiation that clearly leads to obvious health risks and, of course, we could always do with better voice quality. With this in mind, today we are featuring CH05-OG ePure Handset with SIRI integration from Swissvoice.

Swissvoice CH05 OG epure handset

The Swissvoice CH05-OG ePure handset has been specifically designed to give you a new – or should we say old – feel while you are on the phone but with astonishing enhancements to bring your calling to the next level. Using Fulleco Technology, this handset redirects mobile phone electromagnetic emissions away from you and yet, still retains comfort of use due to its specific ergonomic design. The handset offers one-of-a-kind high definition voice quality and sporting a 3.5mm jack you can plug it into your mobile phone, PC or tablet so that you can use it to make and receive phone calls or even chat on Skype, Google Talk, Facetime or any other VoIP computer telephony.

Smartphone handset from Swissvoice

With volume control and talk ON/OFF buttons on the handset itself you can rest assured knowing that the volume will always be at the perfect level. This handset also has a “made for iPhone” switch that allows you to seamlessly integrate iPhone’s SIRI service or universal mode for all other smartphones. You can even activate voice control directly from the handset. This is definitely the healthier alternative to ordinary calling and with all the features offered, why not give it a try?

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