Swims | Ultralight Men’s Breeze Loafers


Decent shoes are difficult to find and there should be no doubt that, apart from looking awesome, comfort should be an utmost necessity. We all know that walking barefoot has many health benefits and now, with the Swims Breeze Loafers you can have the comfort of walking barefoot while having the look and feel of a loafer.

A unique design combined with ultra-lightweight materials and an unbelievable air flow is what characterizes the Breeze Loafers.

Side view of navy and orange SWIMS Breeze

Lightweight, flexible and unique, the SWIMS Breeze has the feel of walking barefoot while sporting the look of a casual loafer.

Even though the SWIMS Breeze have the look of a loafer, they are more akin to a running shoe and make for the perfect casual wear on a day out. The feature that makes the Breeze totally unique is the fact that it is constructed out of perforated material which allows for complete 360-degree breathability. Obviously, this has a lot of benefits including a hindrance to bacterial growth and smelly feet. Check out the making of Breeze video below.

SWIMS breeze in Navy and Orange

The Injection Molded EVA outsole allows for excellent flexibility and breathability.

The Breeze loafers are also ultra-light, ultra-flexible and offers a surprising amount of comfort. The comfort that these shoes offer are augmented by the injection-molded EVA rubber outsole while the cushioned insole provides flexibility, bounce and also allows for air circulation. The EVA rubber outsole is also designed for excellent flexibility by featuring a slit design which allows for easy bending and thereby, excellent comfort.

Truly excellent all day shoes, you can purchase the Swims Breeze in a variety of different colors which include steel, black, navy/orange, gray/lime and steel/green.

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