Let’s face it – all those sweeping and dusting chores around the house can be boring, dreary and dull, and they can sometimes take up more time than we’re willing to spare for such a tedious activity. But did you know that it doesn’t have to be that way all the time? Simply grab the right dustpan and brush, and voila – your house upkeep routines will become at least a bit more fun and considerably less stressful. And where can you find the right dustpan that won’t get your hands all itchy and reluctant as soon as you think of the sweeping point on your To Do list? Here’s the where, the what and the how: with Sweeper & Funnel, your housekeeping and cleaning regimens will become as easy as A, B, C and as fun as can be. Intrigued? Scroll down for more info.

Sweeper and funnel from Menu

“I wanted to create an object which, thanks to its esthetic and functional quality, would slightly enhance the quality of our lives and make everyday chores more pleasant,” says Sweeper & Funnel designer Jan Kochański on their website.

A unique-looking sweeper and dustpan design created in collaboration between Polish designer Jan Kochański and famous Scandinavian brand of designer furniture and accessories Menu, Sweeper & Funnel is a simplistic, refined and highly functional dustpan with a stylish brush and a convenient handle that doubles as a funnel to make your dirt and dust disposal routines as straightforward and as clean as possible.

The sweeper brush is built from ash wood and natural horsehair for your superior dusting experience, while the pan was made using plastic injection moulding technology. Thanks to its funnel-shaped oil-treated wooden handle, Sweeper & Funnel pan allows you to drain out collected dirt through the hollow handle to even the smallest of dustbins without spilling or scattering any litter around the bin. Once you’re done with your sweeping and dusting chores, you can hang your Sweeper & Funnel set from any nail or knob with the help of the loop found at the end of the sweeper.

Menu sweeper and funnel

The winner of the 2014 Wallpaper ‘Best Fireseide’ design award, Sweeper & Funnel is available in either white or black so you can easily match it with the rest of your housekeeping gear. Measuring 9.1 x 12.2 x 2.8 inches (L x W x D), Kochański’s Sweeper & Funnel dustpan and brush is a perfect cleaning set to have around your home so make sure you check it out right away. [via]

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Menu Sweeper and funnel in black

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