Suunto Traverse GPS Watch


Suunto is a Finnish company that creates innovative products for adventurers and sports enthusiasts. We already featured Suunto’s brilliant products, and have one more that is definitely worth of mention. Suunto Traverse is a GPS watch for outdoorsmen, perfect on treks and hikes.

This watch allows you to plan hikes and find your way when you’re out in the wild. With integrated GPS and GLONASS navigation, you can explore topographic maps in Movescount. These maps include all terrain data you’ll need for many outdoor activities. When you’re planning the route, there’s an altitude graph where you can define the optimal ascent and descent. Then you just upload the route, and you’re good to go.

Suunto Traverse Distance, Ascent and Altitude.

Besides navigation, Suunto Traverse keeps track of your distance, ascent and altitude.

Suunto Traverse will navigate you through your planned route. It follows your distance and altitude and with a single press of a button it saves the points of interest along the way, so you can go back and re-trace your steps. There’s a digital compass that allows you to orientate where you’re at. Navigation systems will also calculate your speed and total ascent.

Suunto Traverse Steps,Calories and Calls

You can also track you steps, calories and see upcoming calls, texts and notifications.

The battery can last up to 100 hours. There’s a barometer that can predict weather changes and alert you when a storm is on its way. This watch also keeps track of sunrise and sunset times, so you always know how many daylight hours you’ve got left. When it’s dark, use a flashlight mode to find your way.

Suunto Traverse Movescount App

Use Movescount App to share your progress on social media.

You can use Suunto Traverse to track your steps and calories and stay up to date with incoming calls, texts and push notifications. When you’re done with the route, transfer all the data wirelessly to Movescount App and share it with friends on social media. This app can also turn your adventure into a Suunto Movie.

The watch itself has a stainless steel bezel and a silicone strap. It’s water resistant to 330ft. Suunto Traverse comes in four colors- amber, black, white and graphite.

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Suunto Traverse Four Colors

You can get it in four colors.


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