SUUNTO Traverse Alpha | A Watch For The Avid Explorer


There are some pretty awesome watches out there, however, there are few watches that can come close to the likes of the Traverse by Suunto. Combining finesse with ruggedness and boasting a multitude of awesome features is what sets this watch apart from the rest. The two new watches in The Traverse Alpha collection are definitely watches for the explorer.

The Traverse Alpha collection features Alpha Foliage and Alpha Stealth. Armed with a variety of functions that include a barometer, altimeter, compass and thermometer, they will give you all the needed info about your direction and the weather while you’re out exploring. These are useful features but what makes it more unique is the fact that it has the ability to connect to a heart-rate monitor and to GPS satellites. Both feature versatile outdoor functions for fishing, hunting and hiking.

Two SUUNTO Traverse Alpha Watches

Suunto Traverse Alpha features a heart-rate monitor, GPS and outdoor functions for fishing and hunting.

The Traverse Alpha allows you to leave a breadcrumb GPS trail that ensures that you will never lose your way, no matter where you go. Obviously, GPS is known to be heavy on battery power but the Suunto Traverse Alpha features an astonishing 14-day charge for normal use, 100 hours while using the GPS set to 1-minute updates and 15 hours while using GPS with 5-second updates. That gives you plenty of power for any adventure that you might want to go on. For a smart watch, this is pretty awesome and combine that with the fact that it is water-resistant up to 330 feet and you’ve got a winner all-round. watch video below

The Traverse Alpha collection will start shipping from April, 19th.

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Check out this video where it goes through a durability test and, admittedly, we are impressed that it can be frozen solid and still function normally.

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