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Summertime calls for good times at beaches and very pleasant and enjoyable water sports activities and if you happen to be a fan of diving, whether you’re a recreational or professional diver, its important to have the right gear for the job. This is why we are going to show you a gadget which will prove to be an indispensable tool for all divers, the Suunto EON Steel diving computer. Not so much a gadget, that was a poor choice of words, because this bad boy is a full blown computing machine in its own right, thanks to its amazingly useful hardware and software features.

EON Steel’s Hardware Specs

Suunto EON Steel case and bezel

This diving computer’s composite case and stainless steel bezel will make sure that no harm comes to it

As this is a diving computer, durability and display visibility should be the name of the game. And, fortunately for you diving enthusiasts, it most definitely is. It has a brushed stainless steel bezel and an advanced composite case which are the main factors which make EON Steel so durable. As for the display, Xensation glass was used because its scratch and shock resistant, making it capable of withstanding a lot of damage and useful in every diving situation. This brings us to the visibility of the display.

Suunto EON Steel display

EON Steel’s display is visible in all conditions and is extremely durable

EON Steel’s display ensures maximum clarity with very little reflections and high level of brightness and color contrast. When all of this adds up, you get a display which is clearly visible even when diving in deep and very dark waters. When talking about hardware specs, it’s important to mention the battery life and EON Steel’s battery is very good. It allows you to use it for 20-40 hours and requires around 4 hours to recharge, which are excellent values for a diving computer.

Software and Features

Suunto EON Steel transmitter

The Suunto Tank POD wireless transmitter is used to monitor the tank pressure at all times

The Suunto EON Steel uses the Suunto DM5 software which allows you to have free reins over which info it shows. And with its 5 separate displays feature, you can check out every piece of info that you need at all times. The DM5 software is frequently updated and new features are added so that this diving computer can be used for years to come. It can operate in several different modes: gauge, air, nitrox, trimix and CCR, which you will set according to your diving preferences. This diving computer can gather info about tank pressure by utilizing a specially designed wireless transmitter called Suunto Tank POD. It can work in unison with eight of them at once and every bit of data you gather while diving can later be viewed on your computer later on for more detailed analyses.

As far as diving computers go, the Suunto EON Steel is definitely among the best ones currently available to any and all who enjoy this activity and want a detailed insight into the conditions they are in when deep under water.

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