Survivor HK-753 | 3 Survival Knives With Firestarter


If there is one tool that you definitely need to survive in the wild, it’s a proper blade, or set, as the case may be. Luckily for us, the Survivor 3-Piece Knife Set is exactly what we need.

Be it a camping trip, a hunting trip, or a roam through the jungle, you’re going to need the Survivor HK-753 Knife Set.

The knives themselves are entirely constructed out of stainless steel and measure 6 inches in total length. The blade features a two-tone design, black and silver, and they each measure 2.72 inches in length.

Survivor HK-753 Knife set with sheath and firestarter

As can be seen, the cord wrapped around the hilts of the knives can be used to fasten it to a stick, or to be used for other purposes. While the sheath gives you an easy and safe way to carry them.

Interestingly enough, the blades were fashioned to look very much like a spearhead by having a spike on the back end. Of course, it can be used as a spear and the nylon cord that’s wrapped around the handle was designed for just that purpose. By simply finding a decent piece of wood, you can cut a slit into it, insert the knife and then use the cord to fasten it. Essentially, it’s perfect for hunting small game or even spearfishing.

Survivor HK-753 Firestarter

The Firestarter is extremely easy to use. You simply strike it against one of the blades and blow on the sparks that fell on your tinder.

The cord can also completely be taken of the knife’s hilt so that you can use it for other purposes. They are also the perfect size to be used for throwing knives.

The Survivor HK-753 knife set also comes with a Firestarter that’s as easy to use as striking it against one of the blades.

For convenience, the Firestarter and all 3 blades come in a nylon sheath for ease of carry.

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