Finally, an invention that we all need in the kitchen regardless of the level of our bottle/can/jar opening skills. We bet that there have been many a time where you just couldn’t get that wine bottle open quickly enough or you pinched yourself with the flimsy opener that you use to pop your beer caps off. Perhaps, you have even struggled with that jar that just wouldn’t budge but we have the perfect solution for you. It’s called the Super Opener!, it is designed by MKTRENDZ and it serves as an amazing 8 in 1 kitchen gadget.

Super Opener multifunctionality

The Super Opener!, as an amazing 8 in 1 kitchen gadget, will make your life a lot easier

Along with its practical and ergonomic design the Super Opener! doesn’t only fit well into your kitchen but is also friendly to people that suffer from arthritis and carpal tunnel which makes opening a breeze. This is one of those gadgets that can open just about anything in your kitchen – wine bottles, beer bottles, water bottles, pop bottles, medicine bottles, cans with pull tabs, small, and medium and large jars.

Super Opener functions

From wine bottles, to jars of any size, the Super Opener! can open them all

It can even seal open soft drink cans and re-cork wine bottles. The Super Opener! is multifunctional, easy to handle, compact for storage and completely safe since it has been designed without any sharp edges.

MKTRENDZ is so confident that The Super Opener! will fulfill its purpose flawlessly that they have included a 100%, no questions money back guarantee.

Get it from Amazon here.

Super Opener arthritis and carpal tunnel friendly

The best thing about the Super Opener! is that it’s friendly towards people with arthritis and carpal tunnel

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