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Wouldn’t you love to have a sofa called SupaDupa? The name alone attracts attention… The SupaDupa three-piece sofa is designed by Alexander Lotersztain, an Argentine born designer, a design graduate of Griffith University QCA and director of Derlot Pty Ltd studio. SupaDupa is another piece of modular multi-purpose furniture which can also be used as an ottoman, a corner, a lounger or whatever seating combination your heart desires. It has a simplistic MDF wooden frame, enveloped in three layers of enviro-foam of various thicknesses.

The designer says that his intention was to “create a sofa with bean bag qualities”, and that he did since the end result is a combination of comfort, relaxation, poise and chic. And don’t worry about the sofa slouching like a bean bag when you sit on it. It has vertical drawstrings and the base made of hard foam which keep it in the intended shape.

The sofa is upholstered in leather (fabric is also an option), and it has a removable cover which is rather easy to maintain and clean. There are also customizable modules of the sofa available. SupaDupa’s dimensions are the following: the corner – 5.2 metres, the centre 4.1. metres and the ottoman – 3.2 metres. Spacious enough for at least three of your friends to lounge on. [via]

SupaDupa Sofa 2

SupaDupa Sofa 3

SupaDupa Sofa 1

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