Ready to brave the wild? Don’t forget to take Assault 2 with you! The latest release by North Face, the Assault 2 is a must-have for any keen camper and adventure lover.

The Assault 2 tent is made from highly breathable DryWall™ fabric which takes pride in impressive tear strength that exceeds by far that of any other rain fly material. The single-walled tent can hold two people and it features a removable 0.7 square-meter vestibule made from 33D siliconated nylon which can be left behind for lighter weight travel or easily installed at the camping spot. The built-in gear loft and body and vestibule hang loops provide some 2.4 square meters of floor area, enough to keep you safe and cozy on a camping night. The tent also features reflective Kevlar guylines and glow-in-the-dark zip pulls, and it’s fully water-resistant so you need not worry about weather changes on your expedition.

North Face tent parts

Unlike other tents of the sort, the North Face Assault 2 has been built with the help of Reverse-Combi poles which use a special variable pole diameter system. This means that metal of different diameters is used for different parts of the pole, the top being thicker and the sides somewhat thinner. The unique design allows different distribution of tension and alters the pole arc, holding the top flat while letting the walls be slightly steeper, thus maximizing inside area and headspace for greater comfort. The Assault 2 uses DAC Featherlite™ Poles which guarantee high strength and durable support while keeping the weight of your tent equipment surprisingly light.

So, before you set out on another exciting alpine adventure, make sure you check out the North Face’s latest product. Lightweight, water-resistant, easy to assemble and highly durable, the Assault 2 will keep you safe and dry wherever you may roam.

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Summit series Assault 2 tent by North Face

2 person North Face tent

Summit series Assault 2 tent by North Face

Summit series Assault 2 tent by North Face

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