Summer Bar Essentials | Cocktails Edition

Each home bar should be stocked with items that meet all your cocktail needs. It’s not only liquor you need, but different shakers, recipe books, gadgets, and glasses. Bellow, you’ll find some suggestions on what should stock your bar with. Check them out:

1 – Cathys Concepts Mixology Set

Cathys Concepts Mixology Set

We’re starting off with a stainless steel Mixology Set from Cathys Concepts. Besides the fact that it’s super durable, this set will allow you to mix, pour and serve a variety of cocktails and impress your guests. So, what do you get? In the set, you’ll find a bar tool stand, a pair of ice tongs, bottle opener, double jigger, ice strainer, and a cocktail shaker. The cocktails shaker lid can also serve as a shot glass, in case you don’t have enough glasses or want to try the cocktail you’re making. In case you’re thinking about getting it as a gift, the great news is that you can get it engraved at no additional cost.

BUY | $54.99

2 – W&P Design Pineapple Tumbler

W&P Design Pineapple Tumbler

Here at Jebiga, we covered W&P Design products a few times. They offer a great deal of interesting cocktail sets and DIY kits. This time, we’re talking about their Pineapple Tumbler. It’s made from copper, has two pieces and the lid can actually be used as a stand, so you can drink directly from it. Inside, you can fill 12 oz of your favorite beverage. Finally, if you didn’t know, pineapple is the symbol of hospitality, giving you an interesting way to start a conversation with your guests.

BUY | $34.98

3 – Birch Lane Classic Martini Glasses

Birch Lane Classic Martini Glasses

These simple and elegant Martini Glasses are a must have for every bar. They can be used for serving almost any cocktail and are dishwasher safe. Each glass has a capacity of 7.5 oz and comes safely packed in a set of four. The brand itself creates classical designed furniture and decor, so you can check out their offer and find other home necessities as well.

BUY | $33.99

4 – The New Cocktail Hour: The Essential Guide to Hand-Crafted Drinks

The New Cocktail Hour

Let us face it, we can’t memorize a whole lot of recipes without having to check them online. And it’s much better to have a book full of cocktails from every era. The New Cocktail Hour is very inspiring, comes packed with eye-catching photos and over 214 vintage and modern recipes. Also, in the book, you’ll find many suggestions on how to best pair the drink with food, how to organize cocktail parties but also while informing you of brands that are great to have in your bar. This book makes a great gift.

BUY | $13.09

5 – Homemade Gin Kit

Homemade Gin Kit

If you have a bottle of vodka lying around and want to turn it into your own blend of gin to use for cocktail parties, you’re going to love this one. Homemade Gin Kit comes with everything you need for the process. In it, you’ll get two glass bottles, a stainless steel strainer and a funnel and two tins. Each one includes a different blend. One comes with juniper berries and the other with a secret botanical blend enough to make 750ml of homemade gin. Since you’ll be using your own vodka, the final taste of gin will also depend on the quality and type of vodka used.

BUY | $47.98

6 – Reclamation Etchworks Decanters

Reclamation Etchworks Decanters

Here is one more thing that will help you personalize your bar and impress guests. Reclamation Etchworks created a line of unique decanters that will give your bar a vintage, art deco touch. The bottles are elegant and laser-etched with vintage motifs. You can get three – bourbon, whiskey and scotch, each one with the name of the drink on it. They also come packed in a custom box with the cork included. Decanter has a 0.75 capacity.

BUY | $33.98

7 – Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails

Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails

For the last item on this list, we decided to go with one more cocktail book. This one is made by the same entrepreneurs who invented the Mason Shaker. Eric Prum and Josh Williams are more than just entrepreneurs, they are also cocktail and culinary enthusiasts who believe that mixing cocktails is all about fun. In Shake, you’ll find many recipes but also a documented one year journey of cocktail crafting and inspiration searching. Each recipe is easy to follow and comes with four color photos that additionally explain the process.

BUY | $16.84

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