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A decent bookshelf and coat rack is something that every home needs. It adds a touch of style while still emanating class and when you come across a modular book shelf like the Sudacas Sticotti Bookshelf and Coat Rack, you know that what you’re getting adds all of those elements and makes your home unique.

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Modular, sleek and handcrafted with exceptional skill by trained artisans is what defines the Sticotti Bookshelf.

Sticotti Bookshelf and Coat Rack

By being modular, the Sticotti Bookshelf gives you the ability to set it up in a way that would compliment your needs as well as the area that you have it in.

If you were looking for some extra shelving in your home, then you need to look no further because the Sticotti Bookshelf features an award winning design by architect and designer Alejandro Sticotti that allows you to use the shelving your way. By being modular, you can completely modify the bookshelf to suit your particular style and needs while having the possibility for endless different configurations. Check out the introduction video below.

Man sitting with a child in front of Sticotti Bookshelf

Since it is modular, the Sticotti Bookshelf also allows you to extend it as well as the possibility for endless different configurations.

Assembly was also made extremely easy since the entire system hangs from a master wall mount bracket and then you simply join the pieces together with a precise interlocking system. This allows you to set up the entire shelf in any way that you want in mere minutes. But that’s not all, you can also purchase the Sticotti Coat Rack that truly is a piece of modern home art. Setting the coat rack up is extremely easy as well since it uses the Japanese Joinery Technique where the pieces are connected to self-sustaining joints.

Two different views of the Sticotti Coat Rack

The Sticotti Coat Rack truly is a functional piece of modern art that uses the Japanese Joinery Technique for easy set up.

Since we are living in the age of mass manufactured goods, Sudacas has gone out of their way to ensure only the best craftsmanship and even includes a constant livestream so that you can see how your products are made by a team of skilled South American artisans. Both the Sticotti Bookshelf and Coat Rack are constructed only out of the highest quality sustainably harvested Hard Woods.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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