Just look at it. The Subwing Honeycomb is a smaller version of the familiar Subwing which allows greater mobility and less maintenance. Pure fun it is.

The Subwing Honeycomb is made of ABS polymer, so it is very sturdy, which is of great importance if you choose to use it at the ocean floor. However, the glider is hollow, which means that it is lightweight. It consists of two wings which are connected to a swivel, which allows easy use and excludes any need for extensive training. Simple tilt of the wings lets you dive, move sideways or even spin.

However, you might need some training if you choose to use just one hand for control. This has been made possible using the rear triangle rubber grip, which is a great feature, but such control does require experience.

In the package you get the 15-meter rope, which is more than enough for versatile use. However, if you are in need for deeper diving, you can simply attach a longer rope. Even the vessel that pulls you does not need to be very powerful or expensive due to the fact that the speed required for a successful glide is just 2 knots.

Moreover, the only required equipment is a simple diving mask. Watch the video to see how fun the Subwing Honeycomb is.

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