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Taking your music with you wherever you go is a completely normal thing these days, and thanks to advancing technology, the sound on portable devices is just getting better and better. However, there are no such headphones or gadgets like the SubPac M2. This wearable gadget is created to give you the best possible audio experience. Not only will you be listening to your music, you’ll also be able to feel the good vibes with your body. It’s all about the bass.

The SubPac M2 wearable sound system is worn like a backpack and it has adjustable shoulder straps at the front. This allows you to bring the bass thumper closer to your body so you can really live your music, not just listen to it. The integrated transducers provide optimized accuracy and are energy efficient. The powerful and immersive low-end thunder is delivered through the vibrotactile membranes so the people around you won’t be affected by your jam session.

SubPac M2 front view, tilted, and back view, on a white background.

The SubPac M2 is a lightweight wearable sound system that allows you to feel the bass on your skin without bothering people around you

SubPac M2 weighs only 4.8 lb. (2.2 kg) and measures 17 x 12 x 1.5 in (43 x 30 x 4 cm). The materials used have been treated with nanosilver so bacteria and odor won’t find their way around during active use. Another great thing about this wearable gadget is that you don’t need to download any specific software or convert the files into a different format. The system will work as soon as it’s out of the box.

SubPac M2on the back of a man in a grey sleeveless shirt, with a black background.

The SubPac M2 features vibrotactile membranes and it’s easy to operate via control box that’s also used for wireless or stereo input

SubPac M2 worn by a man in a grey shirt, front view, with a black background.

The SubPac M2 features an adjustable shoulder strap that maximizes body contact and experience while the nanosilver treatment prevents bacteria and odor from developing

You can set the bass intensity of your SubPac M2 via a slim cabled control box. You can also use the control box to import sounds from a smart device or source player through a 3.5mm stereo input jack or wirelessly via 4.0 Bluetooth. The Li-ion batteries offer up to 6 hours of continuous use per single charge. Improve your music, gaming, home theater or virtual immersion experience without bothering anyone else around you with this cool wearable that maximizes comfort and body contact.

SubPac M2 worn by a man in a grey tee shirt, back view, tilted, and a man behind the drums.

This wearable gadget is perfect for all the music enthusiasts and professional musicians

Check out the video below for more information:

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