Suaoki 12V Portable Mini Air Compressor


There are a few essentials that should always be in car. This includes a first aid kit, a survival kit, and, of course, a compressor. These are things that are required so that you are always ready to take on any emergency situation. Speaking of compressors, an excellent choice for you will be the Suaoki 12V Portable Mini Compressor!

The Suaoki is multi-purpose and easy to use. It comes with a variety of different nozzles that allow you to inflate vehicle tires, bike tires, sport balls, and even inflatables.

Dimensions of the Suaoki 12V Portable Mini Air Compressor

Compact, yet powerful, the Suaoki Mini Air Compressor can push out 120 psi!

Light weight and compact, the compressor only weighs 11.64 ounces and only measures in at 4.25” in length x 3.74W x 1.85”H. It also comes with a 9.84ft power cord so that you can even reach the back tires. In addition to this, for its small size, it doesn’t shy away from power. The Suaoki air compressor has an impressive maximum pressure of 120psi, and can inflate from 0 to 35 psi in 13 minutes. That is more than sufficient to pump a car tire. Check out the video below.

Suaoki 12V Portable Mini Air Compressor LED Flashlight

It also comes with a built-in LED flashlight for emergency situations, and to make night-time working easier.

Furthermore, the Suaoki has a continuous work time of approximately 20 minutes before it needs to cool down, and it also has a working temperature of -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

All in all, it’s small, powerful, and a must-have accessory in every vehicle!

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Suaoki 12V Portable Mini Air Compressor different uses

The Suaoki comes with different nozzles that makes it multi-purpose.

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