Studio Padron Cabin | Minimalistic Reading Cabin In Upstate New York

Studio Padron Architects created a tiny cabin in the woods, designed to be a small library and a guest house. The cabin is located in upstate New York and was built near the main vacation home. This black one-room cabin is very cozy, perfect for taking a break, reading and relaxing.

It was built using oak trees that fell while constructing the main house. According to the architects, “The strategy for the cottage centered on preserving and transforming a material that would otherwise have become construction waste.”

Studio Padron Cabin Surrounded By Snow

Studio Padron Cabin is a guest house and a small library. It’s created using wood that fell during the construction of the vacation house nearby.

It took several years to built this cabin. First, all the wood was collected and cut into large logs. Then, the logs were left to dry for a few years. The wood was used for walls, ceiling, and floor but it was also placed horizontally, inside the cabin, to form bookshelves.

A Corner Of Studio Padron Cabin

The wooden logs are used to create bookshelves. There’s not a lot of furniture pieces inside, just the essential ones.

There are two big windows letting the natural light come in. Daylight serves great for reading but also windows connect the warm and cozy interior to the woods surrounding the cabin. Since it’s a one-room cabin, it’s large enough to include a bed, small desk, armchair for reading and a wood-burning stove to keep the place warm during winter. Not to forget all the books.

The View From The Window Inside Studio Padron Cabin

Two big windows let in the natural light and provide residents with a great view of the woods.

As for the exterior, “The monolithic black exterior strikes a strong figure in the landscape, creating an enigmatic presence in the winter terrain,” said Padron.

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The Entrance Door Into Studio Padron Cabin

The exterior of Studio Padron Cabin is completely black in order to provide a contrast to its environment.

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