There are quite a few of you who have to sit all day at work and only you know how difficult that could be. We have become so stationary in our jobs and we are suffering for it – not only physically but productivity wise too which was proven to decline more stationary the job is. A San Francisco-based designer Mike Goldberg has come up with a portable workstation, which he named StorkStand, which allows you to leave your desk but not your work.

What’s the catch? StorkStand is actually a small, lightweight (it weighs only 4.2lbs), collapsible desk that you can strap to your office chair or use it on the road. This is a great little workstation that is large enough for your laptop and smartphone and which can support up to 50lbs (23kg) of load. Its dimensions are 17″ x 15.5″ x 2.25″.

You can adjust StorkStand’s height just by raising or lowering the chair itself. The desk has a strong Velcro strap which serves dual purpose – it provides for additional strength when it is attached to a chair and acts as a storage strap when you don’t use it. StorkStand’s inventor Mike Goldberg is currently raising money on Kickstarter to obtain funding for mass production and, with 16 days to go, is very near to his pledged goal. watch video below

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Storkstand standing desk measurements


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