Stiga USA Snowracer | SX Pro Snow Sled


Chances are, as snowfalls reach your area, you have been itching to get out there and hit some slopes. Perhaps you already have, or perhaps you have been waiting for something to entice you. Well, if you were waiting for that something, we have it right here. Introducing the SX Pro Snowracer by Stiga USA.

Featuring a unique design, the Snowracer will have you zooming down slopes in no time. It also doesn’t require as much skill as skiing or snowboarding, and can be used by adults and kids alike. Check out the video below.

Stiga USA Snowracer by itself

It features a rugged construction with non-slip handles and will have you zooming down slopes in no time.

The Snowracer features a unique trike-like design. It has two affixed skis at the back, and also one shaped ski in the front. The front ski allows you to turn and gives you greater mobility. In other words, you simply sit down, grab hold of the handlebars and off you go. In addition to this, the handlebar has been equipped with non-slip material; this allows for superb steering capabilities and maneuvering.

Just in case you have a crash, the handle bar has also been covered in protective foam. The Snowracer comes with a robust frame that has been painted black. It measures in at 34” Long x 18” wide x 9” high and weighs 18 pounds.

Get it from Amazon here.

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