Hoerboard is a name well known in the DJ world. We have already presented you with their Scomber Mix Table and their latest product called Stereo T is a similar table/workstation.

It is designed as a highly portable DJ workstation with the dimensions of 1180 x 1010 x 570 x 700mm. It disassembles easily and fits any station wagon and the entire process is so neat that it can’t take more than 10 minutes. It can serve as a turntable in battle position, CD player set up and DJ controllers. However, if you wish to use your laptop, there is a lovely mount to help you with this.

The Stereo T workstation is made of multiplex material and it comes in two colors – black or white matt. In addition, the workstation has laminated surface that is stain-resistant. What makes this workstation easily transportable and easy to use is the fact that the wires and cords are hidden as are the connectors which are cleverly placed under the desk.

The accessories include a very useful microfiber dust cover and two different clips. The first one is a laptop acrylic clip that is easily and safely fixed to the workstation using four screws that are hidden underneath the Stereo T deck. The other clip is very similar but with the addition of the place for the Pioneer RMX1000 controller. With the price of about $1200, the Stereo T might just prove to be a great DJ tool for everyday use. [via]

Stereo T DJ Table BY Hoerboard 9

Stereo T DJ Table BY Hoerboard 11

Buttons and controls of the Stereo T DJ Table

Side view of the Stereo T DJ Table

Stereo T DJ Table BY Hoerboard 1

Left side of the Stereo T

Right side of the Stereo T DJ Table

Wood finish of the Stereo T DJ Table

Cable connections of the Stereo T DJ Table BY Hoerboard

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