Howdy, mates! Our portable gear tidbit for you today is a sweet little kit for avid cocktail lovers who like to bring their drinks along on their worldwide roamings. With Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit, you can mix all your favorite liquor blends on the go – and look sophisticated while doing it, too.

A collaboration between renowned LA-based design company Stephen Kenn and cocktail culture connoisseurs at Gin&Luck, Travel Cocktail Kit comes in the shape of a handsome tan leather pouch with olive canvas lining fitted with some elasticated webbing to hold nine small empty glass bottles, a tiny mixing spoon and a pocket-sized cocktail recipe book with instructions on how-tos for mixing 15 delicious cocktails. All you need to do is order your portable cocktail-mixing kit today, wait for it to arrive and then top up the bottles with mini-bar ingredients of your preference and hit the road!

Travel cocktail kit

And in case you’re not really a genuine bartender with a passion for mouth-watering cocktails, don’t worry about potential mixology-related embarrassments when you decide to whip out your cocktail kit in your travel company – the included recipe booklet provides you with the top of the crop blends tried and tested by the world’s best bartenders, so you’re all covered both supplies- and expertise-wise.

Travel cocktail kit

The contents of the nine diminutive bottles should be enough to mix up to three different cocktails on the fly, so make sure you treat yourself and your travelling crowd to some of the finest cocktails out there next time you set off for an outdoor adventure.

Stephen Kenn travel cocktail kit

Durable, attractive and highly functional, Stephen Kenn Travel Cocktail Kit measures a slight 7 x 7.5 x 3 inches, so it will fit snugly in your suitcase or backpack. A perfect kit for the globetrotting cocktail lover, Stephen Kenn’s cocktail pouch is all you will ever need to enjoy some tasty mixed spirits on the go, so make sure you order it ASAP!

Stephen Kenn travel cocktail kit


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