Stealth-X sleds by Snolo Sleds from New Zealand are probably the best sleds available now. They feature great design, upgraded but intuitive controls, modern materials, they are capable of great speeds and, most importantly, they provide loads of fun.

The Stealth-X sleds have three distinctive parts – the monocoque shell with the seat, the front ski that serves as an aid to steering and the arm that connects the two. All of these parts are made of carbon fiber and it ensures that the Stealth-X is lightweight – only 9 lbs – sturdy and modern looking. The seat is comfortable enough for such a product and the entire construction is easily disassembled for easy carrying uphill by releasing a simple nut. This kind of a setup also enables you to strap the sleds to your back.

The Stealth-X sleds are not heavy, which may not sound very good when it comes to speed, but unorthodox design ensures less friction and better aerodynamics that made it possible to go as fast as 65 km/h (40 mph) and still be easy to carry uphill.

When riding the Stealth-X, your seating position is very similar to the one of a Formula 1 driver. You sit low, with your legs stretched in front of you. Steering comes from two motions that are pretty intuitive. The first one is simple leaning similar to the one that a motorcyclist would do, and the second one includes pushing your foot against the foot pegs and thus turning it in the direction you want to turn.

Low seating position is great for enhancing experience. But, this is a toy for the grown-ups. Being made of carbon fiber and molded into such a neat package does require a bit more money.

With the price of $2,549 it is pricey for sleds, but if you are a real sledding enthusiast, having a top notch piece of equipment for under $3,000 might actually seem like a bargain. [via] watch video below

Stealth-X Sled by Snolo Sleds 7

Stealth-X Sled by Snolo Sleds 8

Stealth-X Sled by Snolo Sleds 6

Stealth-X Sled by Snolo Sleds 4

Stealth-X Sled by Snolo Sleds 3

Stealth-X Sled by Snolo Sleds 2

Stealth-X Sled by Snolo Sleds 10

Stealth-X Sled by Snolo Sleds 1

Stealth-X Sled by Snolo Sleds 11

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