We all know GoPro camr are the top of the crop action cameras on the global market, right? Still, handling your GoPro is not always easy as you may need special mounts, poles and gimbals to take cool-looking pics and stunning videos from a range of innovative angles and perspectives. That’s where the new SteadyGim3 EVO GoPro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal comes in: designed by Chinese company BestSteadyCam, this incredible camera mount is built to extend the functionality of your favorite GoPro footage recording equipment beyond the possibilities of any other similar product out there.

Steadygim3 gopro stabilizer

Fitted with a rechargeable battery that can help keep your GoPro filming for another 12 hours in case of dire power emergency, SteadyGim3 EVO GoPro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal boasts a couple of high-torque brushless motors to ensure smooth rotation during your recording session. The list of the cam pole’s superior features includes Heading Follow Mode’ that locks the pitch and roll while ensuring heading rotation in the same direction as the gimbal handle turns, ‘Heading and Pitch Following Mode’ which can lock the roll while allowing pitch and heading rotation and ‘Locking Mode’ which prevents any pole and camera rotation. Now, that’s a lot of functionality for such as small gizmo, wouldn’t you agree?

Steadygim3 gopro stabilizer

But that’s not all: the SteadyGim3 EVO gimbal comes with a set of camera bracket quick-release thumb screws and sports electronic pitch and yaw slowdown capabilities on ‘follow mode’, as well as compatibility with GoPro Hero 3 Lumenier Layer Lens protection and support for GoPro LCD BacPac, extended battery and remote control capacities.

Steadygim3 Evo GoPro stabilizer

In the box with your new GoPro gimbal, you’ll also get the necessary 2,000 mAh rechargeable batteries (18650 3.7V), so you’re all covered both functionality- and energy supply-wise. Take your photography and videography to a whole new level – get your SteadyGim3 EVO GoPro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal and shoot your favorite scenes and objects from a variety of interesting angles with superior style, ease and comfort. [via] watch video below

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