How to Stay Alive in the Woods is a book written by Bradford Angier  (1910 – 1997) a wilderness survival expert who used his vast experience in its making and made ‘starvation in the wilderness next to impossible’.

The book was originally published under the name Living Off the Country and it is a very practical guide to survival in the wilderness. It has four sections: Sustenance, Warmth, Orientation and Safety, each of which has very clear and utterly useful information. You will learn how to catch game without a fire arm, what you should and should not eat, how to create respectable shelter and get warm and even make clothes for yourself. Additionally, you will learn how to protect yourself from numerous perils in the versatility of wilderness and how to signal for help. All the aspects where words might seem insufficient are followed by clear and invaluable pictures which can portray the poisonous plants, for example.

Moreover, Bradford Angier’s style of writing is as important as all the information in the book. These lifesaving tips will make sense even to the laymen and the read does not become boring even during the most technical parts.

Even in the era of ever-present survivalists such as Bear Grylls, who offer ultimate survival techniques, How to Stay Alive in the Woods lost nothing of its relevance and importance. Its messages are universally true and explained in a simple way, so it is a must-have for any back-to-nature enthusiast. Watch the video review below.

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