Bluetooth speakers have become pretty common, but including a karaoke option into the batch is definitely a new thing. If you are into karaoke parties, Philips’s amazing StarMaker Bluetooth Karaoke System is just the thing for you.

The StarMaker application inspired Philips to create hardware that supports the application fully. Their karaoke system is consisted of the Philips AEA7100 Bluetooth speakers and a Wireless Microphone that will help your voice be heard. The Bluetooth speaker has the power of 10 watts which is quite enough for a private karaoke session. The wireless microphone, on the other hand, has the dynamic range of up to 30 feet, meaning that you can move it around.

Starmaker Bluetooth Karaoke System & Speaker by Philips 3

The set already includes the mentioned app, so you are good to go. There is also the infamous auto-tune feature that will keep your singing in key. Although this feature has generated much hatred in the world of music professionals, we are safe to say that a private karaoke fun will only benefit from this.

With this app you will also enjoy free chart toppers and a particularly interesting battle mode that enables you to compare your skills to the ones of your friends. Competing with an invisible rival is cool, but crushing your colleague is hell of a lot better.

Starmaker Bluetooth Karaoke System & Speaker by Philips 2

StarMaker app gives you a few extra perks: the lyrics appear on your iPad screen, the already hefty song library is constantly updated and your works of music wonder can be shared instantly on email, Twitter or Facebook.

In addition, this kind of fun comes in a pretty convenient package with the dimensions of only 11.8 x 6.3 x 12.5 inches and the weight of 3.5 pounds.

The entire system is beautifully designed, very user-friendly and, most importantly, very fun.

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