Stanley Mountain Food System


If you ever got stuck in the middle of nowhere with just a pack of biscuits, a can of cold beans and half a bottle of fresh water, you know just how important survival gear can be on off-road adventures and outdoor explorations. In times of dire need, food is the most precious asset you can have at hand when braving the wild, and it’s also one of the most often neglected commodity aspects even on casual camping trips. Don’t worry, mate: with the new Mountain Vacuum Food System from well-known Seattle-based outdoor equipment producer Stanley, your camping food will always be hot, tasty and close at hand as you’re exploring the great outdoors. And how exactly does this thing work? Let’s find out.

Mountain vacuum food system

Consisting of a non-rusting BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel shell and a vacuum-insulated jar, the Mountain Vacuum Food System is an extremely compact, durable and leak-proof 20-ounce canister that keeps your food hot or cold on the go, depending on your needs. Thanks to its outstanding vacuum isolation, the jar can deliver up to 13 hours of optimum temperature for hot food and up to 11 hours of cooling for cold food. Equipped with a nesting system with all the critical camp cooking and eating utensils, Mountain Vacuum Food System from Stanley is a highly portable space-saving piece of outdoor gear that will come mightily in handy when you’re preparing to wolf down your next meal outdoors.

Stanley Mountain vacuum food system

Fitted with a screw-on lid that can also double as a serving cup/bowl, Mountain Vacuum Food System comes complete with an integrated cook pot with storable jar and foldable handle that can heat up a jar’s worth of food as you’re taking a break from your adrenaline-pumping exploration of the wild. Measuring 5 x 4.2 x 8 inches, this innovative food system also has a convenient built-in side spork so you won’t end up unhappily gulping down your soup or noodles straight from the canister in case you forget to pack a spare set of cooking utensils before setting out to conquer the wilderness.

Durable, portable and versatile, Mountain Vacuum Food System is all the cooking gear you’ll ever need to heat up or preserve your food as you roam the great expanses, so grab your new Stanley food canister before you zip up your backpack and hit the road next time.

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