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If you ever went camping, you know that campsite navigation can go utterly lopsided at night – you may trip on a metal stake, guy line, outdoor gear or a similar devious obstacle in the dark and even end up with serious injuries to your limbs, neck or back. Well, that’s about to change, and for the better – with StakeLight, there will be no more such would-be trip-happy hazards lurking around the campsite even when the lights go out.

Recently released by well-known manufacturer of outdoor lighting gear UCO, StakeLight looks like a trendy tent stake but unlike the traditional stakes, it also packs one more useful function, that of a handy light source right there next to your sleeping bag. Thanks to the integrated set of LEDs activated by an on/off switch built in the lens, the StakeLight stake can illuminate your camping area with 17 lumens of bright light, preventing trip- and slip- campsite accidents at night. In addition to the Area mode, the StakeLight also features the Strobe mode option which creates a perimeter of light on the ground to mark tent location, helping you find your portable outdoor shelter in the dark even across large distances with no difficulties whatsoever. When used in the Area mode, a StakeLight stick can provide for some 10 hours of light, and on the Strobe mode it can keep going for as many as 24 hours.

Tent stake with LED light

Built from heavy-duty 6000-series aluminum and outfitted with a water-resistant TPE housing, UCO StakeLight is durable enough to stand quite a bit of rough campsite love. Measuring 22.9 centimeters in length and weighing as few as 36 grams, each StakeLight stick is powered by a separately sold conventional 1.5V AAA battery that goes in the hollow stake tube, so you can easily replace it on the go without the need for extra tools.

Lightweight, durable and originally designed, StakeLight promises safe and easy navigation around the campsite even in the darkest of nights, so make sure you grab yourself a set of this sweet LED goodness before you set out on the next outdoor adventure. [via]

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Stakelight tent LED and stake

Stakelight in snowy conditions

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