STACT Wine Rack is a minimalistic and stylish solution for storing wine.  It is made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum and premium wood veneers. It is customizable and easy to assemble and it fits in any space or décor. You can build your own so it fits in your space. This beautiful and modern design was created by 2012 ICFF winner, Eric Pfeiffer.

STACK Modular Wine Rack

This Wine Rack is space efficient, and you can store many bottles in it.

STACT Wine Rack has three components: the panel, aluminum bottle supports and tailored wall brackets, available in three sizes. With just three components it is easy to assemble it, you just have to follow four simple steps. Each individual support unit can store up to three bottles on a single panel, so as your system grows, it can store more bottles.

Different Panel Colors Of STACK Wine Rack

There are six different panel colors available.

When choosing your own solution, you can use a single panel, or make your own design and pattern. It is versatile so you can choose different color combinations and configurations.  The panel is available in six finishes: Walnut, Electric Orange, White Oak, Piano Black, Zebrano and Pure White.

STACK Modular Wine Rack in a modern dining room

The design fits perfectly with modern rooms, like with this dining room.

With STACT Wine Rack, each bottle sits perfectly and looks just like it’s suspended in air. This simple but elegant wine rack is space efficient and it can store more bottles than traditional wine racks. You can put it in the living room, dining room or in your cellar. [via]

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Check out this video to see how easy it is to assemble it, and learn about different style combinations you can make:

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