Lovers of hot sauce, rejoice! Gone are the days when you couldn’t have your favorite meals spiked with sriracha since the local restaurant doesn’t serve it, the chef doesn’t approve of it in his dainty dishes, or because somebody robbed you off your trusty office-fridge supplies (or you simply forgot to throw in the bottle of this precious sauce when packing for the camping trip).  No more settling for the bland taste of crisps, sandwiches and pastries – with Sriracha 2 Go, you can have your foods with the finest hot sauce on the go, anytime, anywhere.

A must-have for any hot-sauce lover, Sriracha 2 Go adds the familiar spicy flavor to all your everyday foodstuffs regardless of the dining area of your preference. Packed inside a refillable 1.25 ounce bottle, Sriracha will go everywhere you go and it will always be close at hand since this miniature sauce package comes with a convenient hole at the top, so you can clip it onto your keychain, belt or backpack. Tiny enough to fit in your pocket or suitcase, Sriracha 2 Go will be ready to serve you whenever you need a shot of spiciness on top of your dish, for as long as you remember to refill it regularly. Now, that’s a handy extra on any BBQ session, work lunch, adrenaline-pumping adventure or in those long lonely nights when you suddenly realize that your home Sriracha supplies have unexpectedly run out and the local store is closed for the day.

Discreet and portable, Sriracha 2 Go is the one-stop solution for all Srirachaholics who just won’t settle with the plain taste of pepper-less meals. Order your Sriracha 2 Go now, top it up with your favorite hot sauce as soon as it arrives and enjoy days of spicy meals on the fly!

Sriracha 2 GO

Sriracha 2 GO

Portable Sriracha 2 Go

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