Here’s a novel and much more comfortable way to enjoy your picnics. Have a look at Springtime, a stylish, practical, bicycle-friendly, portable picnic table. Designed by Jeriel Bobbe for Bloon Design, Springtime is actually a modular storage come dining set that contains everything you need for an enjoyable picnic – crockery, cutlery and a collapsible table with two seats which can all be transported via a regular bicycle.

The young Dutch designer says that the idea for Springtime came to him because he is “really bad with sitting on the ground”. This picnic / dining table is made from birch because it is both lightweight and durable. Bobbe also made sure that there is plenty of choice when it comes to pattern and colour of the table’s upholstery. Springtime is available in one- and two-tone models.

Springtime is your personal cafe tableau which is carried like a basket or mounted on your bicycle rack. So, if you don’t picnic because you cannot stand ants crawling all over your food or sitting down on wet and prickly ground, consider getting Springtime and you’ll be sure that nothing can or will spoil the joy of having a picnic. Apart from a sudden rainstorm, of course. [via]

Springtime portable picnic table

Portable picnic table

Springtime portable picnic table

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