Cocoa, herb or peanut, fresh, salted or just regular, butter is truly an essential ingredient of any wholesome breakfast. But what if your refrigerated butter slab keeps adamantly refusing to soften and cling to the slice of bread, making your breakfast routine boil down to a series of useless and tedious toast-slathering attempts? And though you can’t actually heat the whole lump every time you need a slice of your everyday bread-n-butter, there’s one smart trick that may save you all that breakfast buttering hassle, and it’s called SpreadThat!, a self-heated butter knife.

Crafted by award-winning Taiwanese design company Gixia Group and manufactured from a non-toxic, food-safe titanium, SpreadThat! is a clever heat-transmitting butter knife that softens cold butter in a flash, allowing it to spread neatly across a slice of bread without all that needless stroking and daubing hassle. And how exactly does this little buttery-thingy do that, you may ask. No magic there, really: the world’s first self-warming spreader that uses no electricity whatsoever, each SpreadThat! knife is equipped with a cutting-edge heat-conducting technology that transfers your own body heat to the titanium blade to carve off chunks of butter easily and heat it up for smooth spreading in under 20 seconds. This means less stress on your wrist, less fumbling around with cold butter lumps and less time spent making meals involving toast coated with margarine, cream, jam, chocolate, cheese, icing and any other spreadable foodstuff.

Spreadthat! self-heated butter knife

And there’s also a piece of brag you should hear before you discard this little kitchen implement as a completely unnecessary extra: believe it or not, this innovative butter-warming knife won the prestigious 2014 IF product design award, as well as the Red DOT, IDEA and G-Mark recognitions. So, if world-famous design juries decided it’s good enough for your everyday butter-spreading tasks, why not try and give it a go at your next meal time? Lightweight, dishwasher-safe and extremely durable, the SpreadThat! thermal-conductive titanium knife measures 6.8 x 0.2 x 0.7 inches and it’s completely safe for use even by children. Get your heated knife today and enjoy a lifetime of easy cream spreading – because SpreadThat! will become an invaluable part of your cutlery as soon as you’ve tasted your first bite of buttered toast.

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Spreadthat! heated butter knife

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