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Many of us remember having a spin top in our younger days. They were great fun and we spent hours perfecting the craft and acquiring new tricks. Simplistyk has taken the spin top to a completely new level thanks to good engineering and design, and created Spin – The Gyroscopic Spin Top.

Pre-order at a discounted price from Kickstarter here.

Standing at 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide, Spin, is not only large but also looks great since it has been machined out of one piece of aircraft grade aluminum. This gives it more weight than other production tops and every curve was designed to make it spin for the maximum amount of time. Another part of Spin, that sets it apart from the rest, is the use of Kevlar; you don’t start Spin by hand, instead, it uses a super strong woven Kevlar string on the shaft that allows you to get an extremely high spin rate and longer spinning time.

Holding Spin In The Hand

Spin is made from one piece of aircraft grade aluminum.

Furthermore, the increased centripetal force means that it stays very stable. Spin has a 2mm rounded ball-tip that helps it balance and reduces friction on the surface and the generator with two high speed ball bearings. You can also choose to get a docking station with your Spin that looks like a piece of engineered desk art.

Spin Hanged From A String

Spin is extremly stable, has a high spin rate and long spinning time.

Spin is currently being funded on Kickstarter here and they managed to bust their $15,000 goal, already raising $102,028. So, if you would like to get your own Spin before it hits the market, you should definitely go support them. Because the early bird packages are all gone, you can get your own Spin for $65+. watch video below

Pre-order at a discounted price from Kickstarter here.

Spin On The Table Next To A Computer

Spin is currently being funded on Kickstarter.

Check out this video and see Spin in action. 

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