If you’re a recreational diver sick and tired of mainstream gear and you simply will not settle with the average fin designs out there, we have a piece of good news for you today: with Speedo Nemesis Fins, your every dive will become an unfolding adventure into the unknown sea world like you’ve never experienced before.

So, what’s the trick with this pair of fins? Scroll down to find out more.

Speedo fins

An innovative take on the diving equipment basics, Nemesis Fins by Speedo are inspired by the tubercles of the magnificent humpback whale. A would-be landmark in creative diving gear design, each Nemesis fin has a scalloped outer edge to deliver an increased surface for water flow, which combines with top flow channels and bottom blow valves to deliver optimum water contact area, boosted kick efficiency, added swim speed and superior overall performance during the dive.

Speedo swimming fins in use

Made from highly buoyant injected molded EVA foam, Nemesis Fins will help keep your body in a natural, streamlined swim position as you’re gliding through the water in the sea or pool. But that’s not all: due to the functional under-heel straps and ergonomic design with improved arch support, graduated instep and expanded toe space, these fins are said to be ultra-comfortable and extremely stable in use, so they are a good gear choice for both diving amateurs and pros.

Available in six different sizes, the unisex Speedo Nemesis Fins are the ideal companion for any watersport enthusiast, recreational swimmer and professional diver, so make sure you check them out before you set out to explore the underwater world next time.

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