Spartan Ultra GPS Watch Collection | By Suunto


Suunto has long been revered as an innovator in the development and construction of good quality watches. These days they seem to be focusing more and expanding on the GPS and other capabilities of their watches and their latest, the Spartan Ultra GPS Watch Collection, is by far the best from them that we have seen.

As the name implies, the Suunto Spartan Ultra range was fashioned after the Grecian warriors of the old days. Designed for the outdoor enthusiast and the athlete, the Spartan Ultra is packed full of features.

The Spartan Ultra features a top-of-the-line color touch screen that has been optimized for outdoor use and can even be seen perfectly while in direct sunlight. They managed to do this by designing it with a wide viewing angle.

Color touch screen of the Spartan Ultra

By combining a wide view angle with state-of-the-art technology, the Spartan Ultra features a color touch screen that can be seen perfectly even in direct sunlight.

To use it as an athletic training tool, the Spartan Ultra comes with a variety of sport modes that are already pre-installed. Combined with its GPS, FusedSpeed, heart rate measurement, built-in accelerometer as well as its ability to track your training and progress, you have a device that not only assists you but motivates you as well.

Heat map with the Spartan Ultra range

By combining the GPS capabilities with Suunto’s Movescount, the Spartan Ultra can give you a heat map that shows you where the best running, cycling, snowboarding and other tracks are and how many users are there.

Some of the extra features that are incorporated into the Spartan range include the ability to control the battery life by yourself, water resistance of over 300 feet, sapphire glass, a titanium or stainless steel bezel as well as adventure mode that allows you to plan your route, barometric pressure and altitude as well as a compass. Check out the 360 video below.

The 4 different watches in the Spartan Ultra range

The Spartan Ultra Collection features 4 different watches that you can choose from.

But that’s not all, combined with Suunto’s Movescount service, you can literally check where the most popular exercising routes and tracks are with an integrated heat map. You get all of this and much more. The Spartan Ultra Range offers 4 different watches and it all comes down to your personal preference.

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