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Sparrows Hotel is a new resort, located in Palm Springs, CA, opened in October 2013. Not very modernistic, but really interesting, this structure is actually a renovated 1950s building. The owners of the Sparrows Hotel are Doug and Josie Smith, people who also designed the famous Korakia Hotel.

This hotel is built not to impress with its luxury or shine, but to create rustic and friendly atmosphere, and it can be a good romantic getaway as well. It consists of 20 rooms, with prices that range from $150 to $225, breakfast included. Each accommodation has its own fireplace outdoors, hot tub, internet access, kitchenette, and hand-built red wood furniture. The hotel is handicapped accessible, dogs are allowed, while children aren’t.

Sparrows Hotel in Palm Springs

At Sparrows Hotel there is a big outdoor swimming pool, which is a pretty good thing, since the climate at Palm Springs can really exhaust you. With this pool it is no longer a problem. Also, apart from playing horseshoes, tennis or hanging out outside, there is not much to do at this modernized barn, so swimming can be an excellent way to spend your time at Sparrows Hotel.

Within the barn, there is a restaurant and a bar. Next to the kitchen, there is a stone pizza oven, and the hotel has a garden, so fresh fruit and vegetables are at your disposal.

So, if you want to take a break from active urban life and spend your holiday at a quiet and fresh country-like place, gather your company, pack your bags and make a reservation at the Sparrows Hotel.

Pool at Sparrows Hotel in Palm Springs

Sparrows Hotel in Palm Springs

Room at Sparrows Hotel

Sparrows Hotel in Palm Springs

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