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If you’re planning to go on a high-altitude expedition, you need to prepare everything and plan ahead. The main thing is setting up a basecamp and the Space Station Tent by Mountain Hardwear would make a perfect operations center or dining hall. It’s dome-shaped, and it has a floor area of 284 square feet, which is enough standing room for 20 people. This large and durable 4-season tent’s made from strong nylon taffeta and supported by industry-leading Paleria DAC Pressfit poles.

The Space Station Tent is the perfect base camp tent that’s shaped like a dome to minimize the wind load and has an internal perimeter skirt that provides the off-ground space. The main benefit of this system is that you can seal the tent with an optional footprint. It has three large doors with dual-slider zipper for easy entry and exit. The SVX windows provide brightness and a view at the weather conditions outside so you’ll be protected but still know what’s going on out there.

Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent, with opened zipper door, on a white background.

The Space Station Tent is made from 1500mm nylon taffeta and it’s supported by industry-leading Paleria DAC Pressfit poles

The Space Station Tent by Mountain Hardwear is 101 inches tall in the center and features a zippered top thru-vent to let out steam. In addition to this, there are also 10 lower adjustable vents that provide airflow control. The 15 strong poles provide reinforcement and stability as they won’t bend. This provides enough stability so that the tent can stand up to stronger winds. What’s even better, you can fit this giant tent into a rugged duffel bag for easy transportation.

Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent, inside view, people sitting in the tent.

This great tent has a 284-feet floor area and can easily accommodate 20 people

Whether you’re actually going on an expedition, or just like to party hard, the Space Station Tent is the base camp where everyone will gather for joined activities. It’s time for a high-quality tent that provides serious protection and a large floor space for more than 20 people while still allowing for great airflow control. The tent weighs 31.52kg and it’s just 36 inches long when it’s packed. The 1500mm nylon taffeta with perimeter snow flaps for ultimate protection against the elements.

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Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent set up in the woods, with an improvised chimney.

The Space Station Tent has three zipper doors and multiple windows and 10 lower adjustable vents

Check out the video to see how the Space Station Tent is set up:

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