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In our society today there are few things that truly instil fear within us. Roller coasters sure make our adrenaline pump but we know that they are tested for safety, shark diving may be exhilarating but we know that there is a steel cage that separates us from the danger. No, we are talking about real fear; a psychological darkness that encroaches upon one’s soul and leaves a mark forever. Have you ever felt real fear? We give to you something that will not only teach you a piece of history but allow you to live it, experience it and truly fear it. The Soviet Bunker in Lithuania featuring 1984 Survival Drama will deliver all you can and can’t imagine.

Soviet bunker experience in Lithuania

First up in this experience is a signed waver that states, “In case of disobedience participants may receive psychological or physical punishments”, and this could not possibly prepare you for the experience you are about to have. Situated 25 kilometres from Vilnius in the Lithuanian forest, 5 meters below ground, you will find yourself in an authentic Soviet Union bunker and become a citizen of a totalitarian state. Run by retired KGB officers with vicious trained guard dogs, you will have all your personal belongings removed from you, you will have orders barked at you, you will put on a Soviet Union threadbare coat and even be interrogated by KGB officers.

Inside the Soviet bunker experience in Lithuania

You will, for the first and only time in your life, experience what it feels like to have been a USSR citizen and you will know what true fear feels like. We dare you to go and take part in 1984 Survival Drama and have your perspective changed forever. It is once in a lifetime experience. watch video below

Adventure travel in a soviet bunker in Lithuania

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