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We’ve all met those people that have an awesome desk; they have some kind of interesting trinket, or accessory, that just seems to add a lot of personality to the room. So, when it comes to interesting and functional desktop accessories, we simply had to feature these Dancing Water Speakers by SoundSoul.

Unique while retaining the ability to pump out some major beats, these SoundSoul water speakers are a definite must have!

SoundSoul Dancing Water speakers with a white background

These speakers feature built-in amplifiers as well as a non-toxic acrylic cover that can be polished to a pristine finish for an awesome sight and sound experience.

The uniquity of the water speakers lies in the fact that when you are playing music, the speakers use 4 different colored LED lights to liven up your sound experience via the water feature. The feature also has a fountain on the inside that goes higher, when your music is turned up louder. This reaches a truly aesthetic mixture between sight and sound to bring you an entirely new experience. Check out the awesome demonstration video below. 

However, the SoundSoul Dancing Water speakers aren’t just for the water feature since these babies pump out crystalline stereo beats that are enhanced by the built-in amplifiers. Making them perfect as PC or TV speakers.

SoundSoul Dancing Water Speakers being used in a dark room

No one can deny that these speakers will add something spectacular to any environment that you choose to use it in.

These speakers are lightweight as well and constructed out of non-toxic acrylic that is extremely easy to polish for that pristine finish. The SoundSoul Dancing Water speakers are also multi-device compatible by featuring a simple plug and play design via its 3.5mm connection. This allows it to be used on most types of mobile phones (Android and iPhone) as well as PC, Mac, iPad, iPod and a variety of other audio devices.

Get it from Amazon here.

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