How many times have you wished that you were driving a super-fast car, equipped with a fascinating V10 engine, but you couldn’t afford one? How many times have you laid back behind that old wheel of your old family car, pretending that you are driving a brand new muscle car? The new Soundracer VX can make your dreams come true.

Soundracer VX is a pocket-sized car FM Transmitter that transforms the sound of your engine, with just one simple click. It is an innovative way of bringing a completely new driving experience. The sensational sound of your engine will roar throughout the car’s interior, making it sound like a brand new, powerful American V8, Gallardo V10, or even a Ferrari V12 motor. Simply insert it into your car cigarette receptacle, press the button and hit the gas pedal. The FM Transmitter will send the sound to the car FM radio, and it will be reproduced on your car speakers. Both the high and low revving cars will get the best sound quality, for the Soundracer VX has parameter settings for all types of RPM. The sound response is immediate, and it is guaranteed that all of the passengers will have one hell of a ride. It comes with a MicroSD card, which can be inserted into the transmitter. More sounds will be added in the future, and will be available for download on the webshop. It’s very easy to use: Just download your favorite sound, store it on your MicroSD card and insert the card into yourSoundracer VX, and the new engine sound will play itself upon activation.

Besides changing the audio produced by your machine, it can also serve as a USB battery charger for your smartphone or tablet. What more could you ask for?

Make your next car-drive unforgettable; equip it with something that is both compact and useful. Too bad it won’t be out before Christmas. watch video below

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