Sound of Power | World Leader’s Bust Speakers


For all you passionate Vladimir Putin and/or Kim Jong-Un admirers, here is a new collectible you must have. How would you feel if you had the chance to listen to music coming from your favorite leader’s head? Because that’s exactly what you can do if you get Sound of Power Speakers. Here’s what we’re talking about…

A guy named Petro Wodkins came up with the idea to create bust-speakers that will give you a special feeling and a “Sound of Power”. He decided to go fully creative and controversial by making them look like none else but Putin (they call him “St. Vladimir”) and Kim Jong-Un (meet “Kim Sunshine”) – now they can become a part of your home for the sake of reproducing your favorite songs. Really, imagine listening to, for example, “Eye of the tiger” coming from Putin’s head – you have to say it has a special touch.  Think of your own example with Kim Jung-Un and laugh away.

Sound of Power Putin with clown nose

That’s a speaker sticking out of the side of Putin’s head

These speakers are 14.6 inches tall by 9 inches wide – and they weigh 7.3 pounds. They feature 4-inch full-range drivers that are placed at the cutout of the leaders’ heads, bass reflex ports and wooden stands that hold 20W Bluetooth-capable amplifiers. The busts are available separately, but you can also pair them up and, since their speakers are angled differently, they can provide awesome stereo sound. They’re handcrafted and keep in mind that only 100 of each have been made. To get your hands on one of the Sound of Power Bust Speakers, you’ll have to have lots of money layin’ around and be pretty fast. Order yours here

Sound of Power Speakers with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un

These speakers are 14.6 inches tall by 9 inches wide

Sound of Power Putin on an office desk

St. Vladimir and Kim Sunshine will fit your home/office perfectly!

Sound of Power World Leaders Bust Speakers 01

… and they look great together, don’t you think?

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