Ever thought about laying back, and just enjoying some quality music, listening to your favorite record from the start till the end, drinking a glass of good wine, and just relaxing? Well if you did think about it, we have a perfect addition for you, and it’s a portable device called SOTA Moonbeam Turntable.

SOTA Moonbeam Turntable is a hand-made turntable designed to bring the maximum HQ sound quality. Its base is made from  bamboo, and it’s therefore almost unbreakable. It has a polymer platter and an energy damping interface mat, which reduces the vibration to the minimum. The engineers thought about its duration, and have installed a high-tech self-lubricating polymer, making its duration almost unlimited. The sound is pure and in real HQ, while the background noise of the device is reduced, making the device quieter than any other, and rating it among the best in the world. Speed of rotation goes up to 45 RPM.

Sota Moonbeam Turntable

The weight of the turntable is 18lbs (12 kg), and the cartridge weight ranges from 4-11 grams. It is available in caramelized and natural bamboo. What makes this turntable even more unique is that it is built to order, since each unit is built by hand when ordered. How cool is that? You get your own, hand-crafted turntable.

Sota Moonbeam Turntable with speakers

SOTA Moonbeam Turntable is just a must-have device for those wanting to relax and enjoy some quality music. No radiation, no space requirements, for it is compact and portable. It comes with a set of speakers, and the complete order comes at an incredible price of just $1,140.00. So, don’t think twice, order now!

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